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Aksel Allouch

Rock ‘n Roll with Mediterranean Soul


Aksel is an international BMI-affiliated artist focused on songwriting, performing, and mentoring with over 20 years of string instrument experience in a variety of genres from all across the world.

Artist at his core, Aksel boasts a music heritage deeply rooted in the traditional and modern styles of Morocco and America, of the new and the old, of the exposed and the secret.

As a cosmopolitan guitar artisan, Aksel’s style boasts musical imagery that marries multifaceted melodies, mystical alchemy, striking virtuosity, and classy elegance. He acts style that acting in his quest of sharing his fiery musical vibe to the world with full-fledged force, passion, and relentlessness.


Whispering Memories,
Help Us Find The Keys
To Decipher The Secrets Of The Breeze

Aksel Allouch


Aksel Allouch - Funky Theme - Art 2

Aksel Allouch – Funky Theme (Official Release)


Aksel Allouch – Parallel Waves (Demo)

Aksel Allouch

Aksel Allouch & Mâallam Zakaria – Gambri & Bass Duet

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